Monday, 10 October 2011

"Jumparoo" is finally out!

Took a while, but it's out! Well, at the time of this post the LITE version is out, but the full version is coming out tomorrow (11/10/2011). Here are some screen shots and the description:

"Jumparoo is an Australian-themed Jumper game! Using various floating platforms, help Jumparoo to jump higher and higher and rescue to the Joeys from the Eagles! 
Tilt your phone from left to right to direct Jumparoo up the levels, while avoiding the eagles, collecting leaves and jumping off platforms and trampolines.

 Quick Game mode - Blast out a quick game on Easy, Normal or Hard modes.

 Campaign mode - Travel across famous locations in Australia, saving all the kidnapped Joeys! 

Endurance mode - Try out your skills in the endurance mode where one wrong move = Game Over.

 Featuring impressive graphics, authentic Australian sounds and music with immersive & addictive game-play, Jumparoo is a solid and entertaining game."

I know the "jumper" game series has been and gone, but I wanted to have a crack it myself anyway. I believe the game is all round a good piece of software and I am especially pleased with the audio. There are a few things left to finish off the full version, which is being released tomorrow.

The Lite version features a Quick Game mode with Easy, Normal and Hard difficulties, a campaign with 9 levels and an Endurance mode, which will test your, erm, Endurance...

The full version removes the ads, gives you and "Insane" difficulty, 3 bonus levels at the end of the campaign and a bonus game mode. All for under £1/ US$2.

So what are you waiting for?

Download it Now!